Each player has a player controller board which is the central unit for the player. A kit additionally consists of a tagger, a receiver headband, a receiver harness/vest and a power bank. These components are connected to the player controller board via an appropriate plug.

The "shooting" is implemented using standard IR transmission techniques (950nm, 38kHz carrier, on-off keying at lower frequency).

The signal is only detected using the vest and headband. The weapon itself does not include a receiver.

A secondary (radio) transmission system (433MHz, on-off keying at lower frequency) is used as an omni-directional communication system for game updates and inter-player communication. Alternatively, an internet based system can be used. For this the player requires a smartphone with a data connection which provides a WiFi access point for their player controller board.

A central base station is used to configure, prepare, control and evaluate the game. It can be either a local raspberry communicating either via a local hotspot and 433 MHz RF or, if using the internet based system, a server.


For the weapon we use a (rather) cheap plastic toy weapon which has a built-in speaker, a trigger and mounting points for LEDs. However, we replace all built-in electronics with our own and cut away some plastic parts.

A flexible spiral cable (USB cable) is used to connect the tagger to the PMD. It is led along the players shoulder and connected to an USB plug connected to the player controller board. The USB standard is not used though. This allows the player to easily connected and disconnect the tagger.



The harness features a mounting point for the player controller board. It is a PCB with the receiver, the power and weapon connections soldered onto. Three pin headers provide the electrical and mechanical connection to the player controller board.
It also includes 6 IR receiver modules (4 on the front, 2 on the back) and 2 vibration motors (1 on the front, 1 on the back).


The headband holds 4 IR receivers and 4 vibration motors, one for each side, and is sewed using flexible strap. It is connected to the player controller board.

Schematic view:

System network

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